About Me

Jake Oxendale

IT Professional

I have been fixing computers since I was 6 years old. I started a business in Highschool fixing computers by posting printouts on bulletin boards. I built a video game for a high school project.

I went to Anoka Ramsey Community College for Computer Science. I started a computer repair shop in Anoka MN and later sold that business. After college, I attended a Cisco Networking Data job training course where I learned about Cisco Routers, Switches, Call Center, and ASA.

Today I focus on helping businesses utilize IT to automate operational tasks. I work as a subcontractor for several MSP’s as a Level 3 Network Engineer. I have provided IT services to over 300 local businesses.

Marketing Consultant

I have been doing Web Design and Digital Marketing since I was in High School. I had a side business selling myspace templates mostly to bands. I had a band in Highschool and learned the value of using Social Media marketing at a young age for both marketing and business networking. As a 15-year-old kid, I was using MySpace to book shows in 21-plus clubs.

When I started my computer repair business I got into commercial website development for my business customers. Since then I have built over 3 dozen websites. 

In 2017 I found a marketing automation platform called SharpSpring that peaked my interest. It is a suite of marketing tools that allow you to automate marketing tasks. I instantly saw the potential of this and I have been a Marketing Automation Consultant ever since. I help people build and use their CRM systems and build the content for the marketing campaigns. 

Content Creator

My dad was a photographer and he tought me how to develop film in 3rd grade. Ever since then I have always had an interest in creating art in many different forms. Music, Photos, Videos, Graphic Design and Even Copywrite. In 2017 I started a digital marketing company. Mostly building websites and running ad campaigns I learned how to develop effective content strategies for almost any business. 

Content Strategy is key to a marketing campaign’s effectiveness. For years when most people were skipping ads, I was studying them. What made them good, what made them bad, and what stuck in people’s heads.  The best ads create an engaging and memorable story that captures people’s attention and puts the branding 2nd to the story. The best marketing campaigns are a form of art.