• Jake Oxendale


    Leadership | Teamwork | Motivational

    Most of my positions over the last 10 years have been managing business data. I have seen and helped the workflows for data operations at over 300 companies. 

    Have a wide variety of insight into how many different organizations operate has been an indispensable skill I have anywhere I work. 

    Every business has tricks and strategies that apply to many other types of businesses, when presented with problems the knowledge of how other companies solved these problems oftentimes makes my business skills one of my strongest assets. 

    I have learned many things about work ethic with running my own businesses and managing others. I have learned leadership skills, problem-solving skills, constraint detection, conflict resolution, and budgeting both time and money. 

  • Jake Oxendale - Office

    Information Technology

    Security | Efficiency | Quality

    I have been fixing computers since I was 10 years old. 

    I remember my dad telling me not to ever put in the command del *.* because it would delete everything on the computer.

    I did it anyway (as any kid would)

    He said “Welp, now you gotta fix it” 

    I looked at him like he was crazy and said “You think I can fix it?” and he said “Well do you think I know how to fix it?” and he gave me a DOS book. 

    I started pushing buttons and I never really stopped. 

    Today I can re-image a domain controller in a matter of hours, migrate Exchange servers to the cloud, configure firewalls remotely, or lead development teams to build custom applications. 

  • Big Lake - Jake Oxendale


    Content | Strategy | Automation

    I started my career in digital marketing by selling bands MySpace HTML templates. I used the early social media platform to promote my highschool band and learned the value of social media for both sales and marketing. 

    Later when I started Element Computers I started building websites for my commercial IT clients. At Element I learned how to utalize Pay-Per-Click investment strategies to amplify not only my businesses but many of my IT clients. 

    In 2017 I started Rival Marketing where I primarily build websites and provided Marketing Automation consulting services which consisted of CRM Administration, Training, Implementation, and Marketing Automation Workflows. I realized the power of understanding as much as I can about my audience and developed many clever tricks to get information for marketing purposes. 

    I got really good with this automation technology and one of my clients offered to hire me full time where I worked doing IT, Marketing, Dev Ops, Project Management, and Design work. 

    The work of an automation consultant is never permanent. Once the procedures are automated it becomes the new operational standard and this is why I prefer automation consulting. 

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    The demand for digital content that marketing automation platforms create is astounding. Its not altogether required but the more you start to understand and segment your audiences and examine your client base the more you realize that catering content to certain demographics will dramatically increase engagement. This means that to improve CTR and ROI on Marketing Campaigns you need to create lots of different content that appeals to your marketing personas. 

    This demand for content is going to become a huge standard over the next 10 years. A business is going to need a youtube channel just as much as they need a website today or as much as they needed a phonebook listing in the 90’s. 

    This is why I have dedicated a portion of my portfolio and my time to developing better art and content strategies for the companies and organizations I represent.